Sunday, August 5, 2007


Well, sometimes in life you end up in places where you never expected you would be. I am sitting in the Science and Engg. library of University of Arizona while writing this post.

I reached Tucson on 28th just before midnight. The Indian seniors here are just great, they took care of everything, pick up, temp acco, bank accounts .. they really made us feel comfortable :)

After that, it has been quite hectic. I have been apartment hunting, grocery buying and what not. I was really lucky to land up a really cool apartment while others had just started to look. So I moved in to my own place pretty quick. Couple of my flatmates have already moved in.

Grocery shopping has been quite an experience, we have loaded our fridge with stuff to eat and we are actually eating at home most times, a really nice accomplishment.

As far as how US is difference from India.. I might do a post later on that


Tapasya said...

It'd take me another 2 weeks before I move into my apartment :(
Anyhow, keep posting on your blog...enjoy yuor stay! And I hope we all make friends soon :)

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