Monday, August 13, 2007

Things I should have brought to US

These are the things that I should have brought along:
1. Extra pillow cover
2. Some fiction books to read: For the flight.
3. Slippers
4. More clothes

Additions on 08/28
5. Scissors: Had a hard time finding it, the one I liked was $6!
6. Sunscreen: Its Arizona, need I say more!
7. Uno: A addicting card game.

Things I could have left home:
1. Maggi (You get decent cheap noodles here veg and non-veg)
2. Notebooks (You can find them at walmart at decent rates)

Additions on 08/28
3. All the pens and pencils: You get these Free!

Will keep adding as I go along and may be add different lists.


Pravin said...

Let's see if I can add to the list.

Should've brought along:
5. A hair clipper (you get local brand for about Rs 600. Or branded for 2k-3k)
6. Shoes
7. More masalas

Could've left home:
3. Every possible utensil mum packed

Tapasya said...

Hehe....nice list..
I'll add to the first one-
I should have brought my Mom n Dad! And then, nothing else would have been required :(

Tapasya said...

PS: Thanks a ton for the maggi the other day. Kabhi mere ghar pe bhi aaja re khana khaane. :)

Amit Wadhwa said...

Utensil.. hmm.. am a litlle glad i brough those along, depends on what and quantity of utensils you got