Saturday, December 22, 2007

End of the Semester

So, the semester has finally ended! And I must say it was a hell of a journey. From a new style of studies to cooking it was a struggle all the way. Though battered and bruised, I am happy that I have survived.

I remember when I was shifting schools in 6th grade. I used to be in a smallish school and was transferring to a bigger school and my Maths teacher said (the subject I used to top every time in those days!) that I would find it hard to survive in the new school with no spoon feeding and a higher level of competition. And I think what her reaction would be when I meet her today after not only surviving but topping that school in 12th boards and now studying here in UoA.

I think the one semester has taught me a lot (ok! gimme something new).One, I just can't get up early whether it's a early class or a RA meeting. Two, I can actually study the whole night. Furthermore, nothing can motivate me to work .. unless there's a deadline in a few days.

Hmm.. the third is somewhat surprising and unfortunate because I used to love programming. Well, to be frank I used to be geeky in school. So while a football match was going on in the school, I would use the "free time" to sharpen my C++ skills. But somehow I have lost it. And this was reflected in my project's performances this semester where my performances was certainly below par though I managed to scrape through both.

And I understand, though partially, the value of friends and in general people. I was
helped and cared for throughout this period by people. There were some I knew before coming here but most were complete strangers. I bombarded them with questions and I always got patient replies. And I can't thank them all enough. It's not about studies or survival but about their goodness that I want to thank them for. Just for being selfless.

P.S. Well, this post was a very random one and with the blog title "Musings of an Unsettled mind" what else can you expect.