Monday, September 24, 2007

A close look at the career fairs


You a grad student, Ever had the feeling that someone must have had documented his life as a grad student, all the agony the pain... check out at

A sample:


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Must Read

As a part of one of my courses in UoA I was reading an article on "Key Principles of business driven development" And shockingly I found it really interesting. I could co-relate the article with my work ex very closely. Almost made taking the course worth for me.

The article talks about best practices in software development process, their benefits, use and abuse.

Check the article out at and do let me know how you found the article

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Suggest me a nickname

I was on this chat channel on IRC today and I realized I need to get a new nick for myself. So people who visit this place do drop a comment with a suggested nick. Serious and not so serious comments welcome.

P.S. I reserve the rights to edit any comments :P

Google Calendar Gadget

Well, I have been a ardent fan of Google Calendar in lack of a better solution for my organizing needs. The problems I have faced with with Google Calendar has been that its missing a few basic features like:

1. To-do list which can nicely dock on the side.
2. It's really important for me to check out events (basically click the check mark after I have accomplished my task). I worked around this problem by having a "Archive" Calendar where I move all my "done" tasks/events. Though moving events around calendar is a pain
3. Another missing feature was a weekly to-do list. Derived from the book "First Things First" this is one of the central theme of any organizing I do and its much better than daily to-do lists. I simulated that by adding another calendar "Weekly Tasks". And I keep adding them to the first day of the week or spread them around different days. The color of the task lets me know that its a weekly task

Another feature I missed was not having a desktop version of the calendar. Now, we have a google calendar gadget which is a addon to Google desktop. It sits nicely on the sidebar of my pc, I have added a notes and to-do gadget. I can add events and see agenda of the day directly from the desktop which is pretty neat.

If you are using Google calendar you should really try this gadget out. As far as rest of the missing features just look for some workarounds until Google adds them, if they decide to add them.

On a side note, now I just wish I had the time to organize and maintain my calendar. UoA has been very hectic and that is the reason for my sparing postings. I hope to get back on track soon.