Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Bay Area

This post took a long while to come. So, after a very insecurity filled semester I got a lucky break and ended up in the bay area for the summer. I am working for VMware for the summer and its a lot of fun and work!

I am living in Mountain View nowadays and it just feels like a different world from Tucson. There's a so much more greener and bigger than Tucson. I love the amount of greenery that is here, I love walking on the streets just admiring the trees and plants which are lined up at any and every place.

There are number of interesting places to eat. The number of Indian restaurants is amazing and Downtown Mountain View rocks! I actually got to have good old Indian-Chinese food: Chicken hakka noodles, Chilly chicken ... etc.

Ofcourse there are a number of interesting places to visit and things to do. I haven't had many chances to go out a lot but have visited the Golden gate bridge, the CA-1 drive from Santa cruz to SF, Pier 39 on july 4th and I went for strike bowling with other interns.

One of the best hangouts for me has been the Mountain View library, It has been a great find for me to spend some time on the weekends I am doing nothing especially with no AC at home :-(. It has got loads of books, DVDs and PC games :-). Though I haven't read much during the summer but have played a lot of games.

I have about 3 weeks to go here but the summer has already been a memorable one.