Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fight or Flight

This was my status message for the last whole week in gtalk. And needless to say I got quite a few comments, Some funny, some from people who identified with the message and some asking me what does it mean and some tried to pick my morale up!

Well, the first thing, the message is inspired (stolen) from Heroes season 2 episode 5 title. I picked it up as it described my situation perfectly, I have a feeling I am not able to cope up here, the pressure of doing good, the environment, the away from home feeling, And I am thinking is it worth it? Should I Fight or Flight?

Am I alone in thinking so? I am sure am not.

But are we right in thinking so? I am not sure.

IS anybody gonna take the flight? NO way!

When is right time to call it quits? Do we always have to stand up and fight or should we calmly say "I tried doing it, but I am sure now I will fail(or not able to achieve my target)". So do you lower your expectations and if yes, by how much?

Even if you lower your target then won't it affect the benefit of Fighting or taking the thing in your hand at first place. What if you think "I have realized it's not possible for me to do it without loosing more than what I would gain if I tried to persevere through it".

I believe it takes a much bolder person to take a flight rather than to fight! It's easier to fail for us than to give up, its instinct of a human to get up and fight even if he knows it may be futile. Why? Coz getting up is heroic, we see it in the movies, we have that inspiring moments and decide why can't I do it? But are those moments of inspiration or insanity? That is decided by the outcome not your effort.

The basic question is till what time do you fight and when's the right time to take the flight .

Monday, October 15, 2007

Networks Midterm Rant

Damn it was bad,

Does MRAI works only for announcements? I doubt but others say so! Also how did i calculate 23*2=64! I'll never know i guess! Why I didn't write the OSPF routing table on my cheat sheet or the Decay equation of Damping. And Why the hell are there no choices in the papers! How can one remember all the nitty gritties in the technical papers (This applies to OS more as even a cheat sheet isn't allowed)

Anyways have to slog for OS, Midterm in less than 17 hours!