Sunday, March 4, 2007

First Things First

I have just started reading "First Things First" by Stephen Covey. It struck me as pretty insightful as did the 7 habits. However, I think, its quite easy to forget what all I can grab from the book writing a brief of the things in the book.

1. Quadrant - II Living: Devote time to Q-II (the important) activities of life. Dont procastinate and let things turn into crisis. Separate the Urgent from Urgent but not Important activities. Avoid Q-III and Q-IV at all costs

What does it mean to me?
a) Things are imp. which I can start anyday has to be started now: Eating right, Drinking lots of water, Exercising
b)Give more importance to relationships.
c)Stop wasting time in Video games and other stupid stuff.

2. Identify the real "First things" : Not only be just more efficient but be more "effective". Identify activities which really are important. Stop living in the crisis world.

Stop giving importance to every to-do activity. Identify the actually "important" activities and start devoting time to those

Saturday, March 3, 2007


The post is on a funda I call 3CR i.e. confirm, Confirm, CONFIRM, Report. Basically, It says you can easily make a ass out of yourself if you report premature findings with no solid proof quite easily. Hence, check everything before establishing or generalising something. This has happened to me multiple times and hence I push myself to adhere to this principle as much as possible(quite hard at times for me)

Ofcourse the above becomes more important when you are reporting to your boss or client where reporting any findings which may turn out to be wrong could be quite a disaster.

So, before jumping from your seat and yelling Eureka, just run a few more testcases ;)