Monday, April 14, 2008

Night Owls

So I was just working on my RA work and was wondering how much more productive nights can be unlike days. I usually get more work done in nights than days in the same amount of time which is weird. So no matter how much I try sometimes its very hard to squeeze actual productive time out during the day.

I know that many people would agree with me on this. So I was trying to think of the reasons for the same and I came up with a pretty decent list I guess:

1. No phone calls, emails
2. No people around doing chores, chatting, gossiping
3. The feeling that you are up to get work done, or you are near a deadline.
4. No thinking about lunch time, No scheduled meetings.
5. Its actually quiet around :D

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Aaryn Olsson said...

You can see watch the ripples of your thoughts roll out into the distance, meeting form, combining with each other, and the patterns emerge...