Monday, November 19, 2007

Which Sites are you addicted to?

I just read a post on Natasha's blog where she talked about her addiction to orkut/ facebook etc.

Just wanted to know what sites are people addicted to. My personal list would go something like this:

1. Digg : Amazing web 2.0 news site. Unlike Orkut/facebook where the probability of finding a new scrap/message per hour is pretty low (unless you are as popular as Balaji with 600+ pals) the chances of finding something amusing is quite high on digg.

Alternate: reddit / slashdot

2. Orkut / Facebook: For obvious reasons

3. / A site which stores comical quote found on IRC. You won't find it that amusing If you have never been on IRC.

4. : Esp. if you are a new reader, you HAVE to go through all the old stuff so there's a huge backlog.

5. Root of all evil (and good?) : iGoogle?! With all the RSS feeds for jokes/ news plus maps, product search and ofcoz the good old conventional search!

So what are your faves?!


Nat said...

1. Google news US and India
2. Yahoo Quickie Horoscope for Aquarius :)
3. Slashdot

Amit Wadhwa said...

What happened to orkut nat?

Nivi said...