Friday, November 30, 2007

Blog Changes

Wanted to shake a few things here

Side menu changes:

1. About me is pushed down: No one who don't know me will not reach here (unless he googles for Amit Wadhwa, and clicks on result# 5/6 :-/) (Edit: It doesn't look good down there, so its back up)

2. Check this out: The main change I wanted to do, I will try and list something there which I think is worth checking out. It will probably be a site/song which you can "check out" in 5 mins. Just to add a little more personal flavor to the blog

3. Slideshow: Cool little new gadget, fetches pics from picasa and shows it in your blog :) Google always tend to pleasantly surprise me. Next up should be Orkut album + picasa integration. I don't count adding a feed to picasa as integration.

Though I have screwed the layout a bit, That's a to do in December, when I am planning to switch to a better template.

Do let me know if you liked anything

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