Friday, July 6, 2007

GTD with Google

I have yet to read the book , but I really like what I have read from various sources on the net [wikipedia and other sites] That I thought, why not give it a shot first before actually going out and buy the book. (Ofcourse since a Indian edition doesn't exist it would cost a bit too). For all those who are still wondering, I am talking about Getting Things Done by David Allen.

So, I have started exploring various tools that can be used to follow the GTD Lifestyle. Till now, the best I way I have found is Google Notebooks. I know most prople prefer using GMail along with the GtdGMail addon [] But the problem is that I use my Gmail account for normal email use, and creating a new one for GTD usage is not feasible as I will have to sign-in/ sign-out of Google repeatedly since I am a heavy user of Google Products [Notebook, calendar, iGoogle etc]

Then, I found a article on GTD with Google Notebook at lifehacker and it seems to click for me []

Now I have created the following Google Notebooks:
1. GTD:Inbox
2. GTD:Next Actions
3. GTD:References
4. GTD:Someday/Maybe
5. GTD:Projects

One extra notebook I have apart from the above is:
6. GTD:Archive

This is for all the actions/projects that are done and dusted. This is recommended in the book as well as various articles covering GTD with GMail, though this article missed it somehow. Having this is important for me as it gives me a sense of achievement.

Anyways, I am gonna try this setup for a few days and find out if it helps. Ofcourse, I can always switch to a program like ToodleDo [] or Thinking Rock [] if I want a more GTD driven software.


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