Monday, January 7, 2008

Taare Zameen Par

I saw the movie today. And well I regret not watching it in a theater. Definitely the best movie bollywood has produced till now and it seems Imdb agrees with me! It's the only bollywood movie in IMDB top 250 movies.

Amazing Acting, screenplay, direction and a strong message for all people out there. It definitely reminded me of my days in school. I don't know how the situation is there in US. But the movie accurately describes the turmoil one goes through during school education in India.

A must watch for all, and this one really deserves the oscar that bollywood has been aspiring for a long time.


maverick said...

Totally agree with you amit. Brilliant movie!! Aamir rocks and shows whats the difference between a star and an actor. His direction was amazing. And darshal safry rocks

nivi said...

I agree. It is a commendable effort breaking off from the usual song and dance routine with a story line as think as a strand of hair.

Another thing which i found laudable was the positioning of the songs, the way they merged with the story. The ma song in particular.

Nat said...

Hey. i was lucky i got to see it. It was a neat movie, great message. but at some moments i found it a little stretched. Aamir is of course the cutie that he always was :) the kid grows on you too.

Hope to see more movies of this type.

Sunil said...

Good movie, but it's not in IMDB top 250!