Monday, October 15, 2007

Networks Midterm Rant

Damn it was bad,

Does MRAI works only for announcements? I doubt but others say so! Also how did i calculate 23*2=64! I'll never know i guess! Why I didn't write the OSPF routing table on my cheat sheet or the Decay equation of Damping. And Why the hell are there no choices in the papers! How can one remember all the nitty gritties in the technical papers (This applies to OS more as even a cheat sheet isn't allowed)

Anyways have to slog for OS, Midterm in less than 17 hours!


Tapasya said...

Wait for Monday, we'll get the results :(
We are being too causal with our studies here Amty, its high time that we realise that this is not IP :(

maverick said...

By the way heard about your marks in OS. Dude you should delete the blog now after getting your results :)

Amit Wadhwa said...

:-)... But my other marks gonna suck big time, but yeah OS did cheer me up a lot. Facing a B in the stupid elective, and screwed the Networks paper and project.. Waiting for that result as of now.

But I stick to what I said... how am I suppose to remember all that stuff.. in OS I was lucky since the questions were from papers I knew well. Could have been a totally different story.

Nat Nattoo Nuts Natty Nanu Nana and many more said...

and boy did you crack OS! good going

Nat said...

dude heard you cracked NWs too :) sahiii. now how will you defend this post?

Amit Wadhwa said...

:P.. lucky, everybody screwed up i guess :) and he kinda overlooked 23*2=64 :D