Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Y2k Bug

Hmm, I was in a phone convo with a friend today, who gave a example of the Y2K bug. Basically saying it was a huge dud and only because US said the universe will collapse on year 2000, the world hit the panic button and upgraded their systems.

That sent me into a tizzy, I dont remember thinking it this way, Infact Y2k was such a no incident that i dont even remember thinking about it after year 2000. But now i think or rather I would quote from wikipedia

"Debate continues on Whether the absence of computer failures was the result of the preparation undertaken or whether the significance of the problem had been overstated??"

Hmm.. I dont really recall hearing *any* major incident coz of the Y2K bug, Why is that? I cant really believe we were 100% ready!! Somebody must have missed it!

Hell, In most circustances I would believe that while upgrading some of the code might have been left unfixed (quite easy !)

So was all that expenditure and the hoopla only due to a overhyped unfounded rumour?


To read a parody on the Y2K bug hoopla visit:

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