Monday, January 15, 2007

Thing I hate about myself

From now on, I will try and list the things I really would like to change about myself and just to remind me of the things, i'll list them here to remind me and to remind you to remind me that i have to loose the "bad habits of Amit Wadhwa" :P

1. Laziness/Procastination : I am epitome of procastination. I dilly dally at every opportunity. From waking up to packing up my bags in office and returning home. I am never able to do it well in time. I get up late and rarely reach office on time. I take off late from office and reach home late. I almost miss all the deadlines for everything.. CAT, MS apps blah blah.. blah Hell, I even put off shaving until it starts itching(okay its not always that bad)

2. I am a mess!!: I am highly disorganized.. Each item I own which can be misplaced is reight now MISPLACED! My first resolution of 2007 was to make myself more organized but I have been tarrying it all along(cf. pt. 1)

Lots More to Come..

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